Email tracking is real – here’s how to BLOCK it | EASY GUIDE


❓ How does email tracking work?

Email trackers can be found in 70% of mailing lists. That means, you probably already fell victim to an email tracker. As I said, all it takes is a single, pixel-sized image. Once you open the message with this image embedded in it, your email service sends a request to retrieve it from whatever server it’s stored in. This request instantly reveals three things about you: One, IF, and WHEN you opened the message; two – your location, and three – the device you’re using.

❓ How to stop email tracking?

To answer that, let me show you how to block email trackers on three of the most popular email platforms – here, we’re gonna have to dig through settings. You can find detailed walk-through tutorials for that in the video itself.

❓ Are there cons to blocking email trackers?

Once you’re done with email settings, you can consider email marketing tracking eliminated. But some things will change as well – those nice images that sometimes spice up the emails you get will also be gone, or, in the best-case scenario – each time, you’ll be asked for approval to load them.

❓ How can you block email trackers and avoid the cons?

Well, in this case, I recommend a VPN. It won’t directly block email tracking – but it will mislead the tracker. If you receive an email track pixel while connected to a VPN server, the senders won’t be able to locate you – they will receive the VPN server location instead. There are also special features of VPNs that can block all kinds of trackers on the web.


Final thoughts ➡️

Whichever method you choose to protect your data, is up to you. MAybe email tracking is not something you are concerned about? In any case, I hope this was helpful!