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Capitol Records, the music studio working with many popular artists, including Katy Perry and Paul McCartney has just signed a deal with FN Meka, a virtual TikTok star.

It’s not a secret, virtual influencers are already making millions of dollars on social media, and Youtube as well. FN Meka, a virtual rapper with 10 million followers on TikTok, falls under the same category.

Capitol Records has justified their deal by stating that FN Meka’s “over-the-top flexing and extravagant sense of style” makes it the number one “virtual being” on TikTok with over one billion total views.

Not everybody is as impressed as Capitol Records though, with some internet users accusing digital creator of blackface, pointing at staff supporting the virtual persona. The use of the N-word in the lyrics of FN Meka’s latest single has only fortified the opposition.

While it’s not exactly clear who runs the business behind FN Meka, this didn’t stop Capitol Records from claiming the robot rapper blurs the line between humans and computers, paving the way for the world where computers will write and perform their own music.

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