Aleksandr Lukashenko Turned Into an NFT!! Passport details stolen of every citizen #Shorts

Belarusian hacktivist group Cyber Partisans claim to have stolen the passport details of every citizen of Belarus. Hackers turned the ID of the country’s president Aleksandr Lukashenko into an NFT.

The hacker group Belarusian Cyber Partisans said they’re turning the details of the country’s president’s ID into a Lukashenko NFT.

The hacktivists shared details of other Belarusian government figures such as Lidia Yermoshina, former head of the country’s Central Election Commission, Natalia Eismant, a press secretary for the president, and Ivan Tertel, the deputy head of the Belarusian KGB.

Hacktivists uploaded the passport collection on OpeanSea, an NFT marketplace. However, the upload was terminated less than 24 hours after Cyber Partisans uploaded it to the platform. Hacktivists said they’re looking for alternative outlets.